Personal Training

MISSO FITNESS was established to offer a range of fitness and lifestyle services to individuals (both adults and children), teams and business organisations. The primary aim of the company is to create and implement fitness, health and lifestyle programs tailored to the needs of the client.

The services offered range from one-on-one personal training, kids fitness training, elite training programs, group fitness sessions, corporate health and fitness programs, weight loss programs, strength training programs and speed and agility training.

The importance placed on individual performance in all areas of our lives has never been more pronounce than in today’s highly competitive and often stressful environment.

MISSO FITNESS is able to offer every individual the opportunity to fulfill their potential through the advocation of a happy, healthy and more energetic lifestyle.


  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Health and Fitness Programs
  • Elite Training Programs
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Kids Fitness Programs
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Group Fitness Sessions
  • Strength training Programs