Specialising in Speed & Agility Training for Children


Michael Misson has a successful personal training business called Misso Fitness(www.missofitness.com). He has represented Australia in rugby at schoolboy, u/19,and u/21 levels he also has represented his country in Athletics at a junior level, and played professional rugby in the UK for 6 years. His Father played cricket for Australia, his Mother has run for Great Britian and his Brother has been a high performance manager for The Australian Cricket Team, Australian A.F.L. Team, The Wallabies, Tennis Australia, Athletics Australia, St.Kilda, and the Swans. He believes that good sprinting technique starts at a young age. You can have children with natural ability but after a while this isn’t enough, to make it further and to have an edge over your opponents you need to be taught proper technique and good habits.

It’s a fact that most competitive sports involve forward, backward and lateral running movements.

If your child could improve their overall sporting abilities and their individual performance by learning how to run correctly, wouldn’t you want them to be more effective and efficient in the sport of their choice.

The answer is Y E S and to this end I have designed a programme specifically for children and young adults aged between 6-18 years old that will enable them to become a faster, confident and more explosive, powerful athlete.

Misson has had experience working with the Sydney Swifts netball team, various professional rugby teams in the UK, Tennis Autralia, N.S.W. Womens cricket team, North Sydney Bears, Sturm Graz Austrian soccer team, numerous corporate clients and various schools in the Eastern suburbs. Speed and good sprinting technique is the key to success in the majority of sports

The 3 keys to success for a sprinter are:

1.Simple running bio-mechanics (this can be done by drills)

2.Adapting drills that relate to your individual sport.

3. Core strength/plyometrics/flexibility and a weight programme

( age appropriate ) that includes exercises that are designed to improve

your power and strength.

An old sporting adage is still true today: